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Bengal Heritage Foundation is registered as a charity (No 1191373), initiated to preserve and promote the heritage of Bengal, in the UK through cultural, educational, industrial, sporting and tourism avenues. In partnership with London Sharad Utsav and British Council, BHF promotes social cohesion between the Bengali Diaspora in the UK and their British counterparts through events that champion artistic and cultural experiences gaining advantage from shared history and values. We aim to reach out to audiences cutting across different backgrounds and generations through rich, diverse, sustainable events and celebration of arts, culture and sports with support from government and charity organizations in the UK.

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BHF started as a heritage project of London Sharad Utsav to showcase “Patachitra”
– a Bengali art-form, in the UK. The success of the project led to the formation of the Foundation.Our members are mostly professionals across various fields from Investment Banking to Information Technology, from Teaching to Medicine, from Entrepreneurs to Chartered Accountants – who are passionate about art, culture, sports and heritage. We work closely with the British Council, the British Deputy High Commission in Kolkata, the Bhavan and many other renowned organisations. We capture their feedback regularly and it helps us to evolve to bring benefits to all. We work with a number of partners and sponsors – only with whom our values and principles align and are very thankful for their support in our activities.

A choice that makes a difference.
IF YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUAL and reading this – you are passionate about, art, culture and heritage. Come and explore one of our events or activity and see if you would like to join our cause.
IF YOU ARE AN ORGANISATION it is probably an opportunity to collaborate. We have an annual calendar and always look forward to work with organisations to advance our programmes and projects.
IF YOU ARE A CORPORATE it is an opportunity for a mutually beneficial partnership. We are looking for your support to our cause – conserving culture and heritage for the Indian Diaspora and pass it on to the next generation. Your brand gets prominence, visibility and access. Let us help you to realise your brand objectives. Your support means that we can advance our programmes and heritage projects and thereby helping us to promote public understanding and enjoyment of Bengali British heritage for generations today and tomorrow.

At Bengal Heritage Foundation we, as a group of professionals living in the UK, have come together to promote and conserve the shared Bengali British heritage in art, culture, and sports.
I grew up in Bengal and am hugely appreciative of the depth and variety of arts and culture that has evolved over centuries in Bengal across borders. As a global citizen living in London today, I am fortunate to experience cultures from across the globe and this assimilation is what makes Britain GREAT. Through Bengal Heritage Foundation, I have a desire to see the Bengali British shared heritage, the art and culture of Bengal appreciated, recognised and utilised for the benefit of all.

Trustees and General Secretaries

Amit Guha (General Secretary)

Bidisha Datta

Debarati Goswami

Dipanjan Majumder

Jhuma Bhadra

Kaushik Bhadra (General Secretary)

Koushik Chatterjee

Pritha Mukherjee

Sambrita Das

Sourav Niyogi

Suranjan Som